A week week well-ended

<yesterday we met with the pastors, handing them the names of the new believers their members are now responsible for discipling as well as challenging them in the continuing work.  We then hopped on the bus, stopped in <octavalo to shop and on to Quito.  The team enjoyed a meal in Burger King and a good night of sleep.

Today we got to share in a school which was very fun and somewhat challenging in some of the classrooms.  I know seeds were planted.  We then enjoyed a trip to the equator and living museum there.  We are settled back into the hotel and ready to see our families.

Thank you for praying.  We look forward to sharing many more stories with you in person.  <i challenge you to go with us next year.


In Christ,


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a bible story

this story is about maria rosario a 79 year old lady in ibarra. we went out on monday for our first day of evangilizing in the town and maria was one of the first people we met. she was very welcoming as we would later find out was not coustomary to the area. but she welcomed us. we went in and shared with her  and her mother a 95 year old woman. all there accepted christ. we told them we would come back tomorrow so we made an appointment for 9 in the morning. when we got there maria was waiting for us. again she welcomed us and we began to do new life in christ with her. one of the first things you do is find out if they have a bible. she said no that she gave the bible she had to her daughter who gave it to her daughter and she had not had one since. so we told her now you do and gave her one. she began to tell us about her daughter having breast cancer and that was the reason she gave her the bible. she said i can pray without it but you need it. by this time she is boohooing and she told us that she promised she would read the bible every day. she said normally when she cooked she read the newspaper and now she said when she cooks she will sit down every day and read one chapter  because she now has her own bible. if we flew 3000.00 miles and rode 3 hours in a bus 1 hour by taxi just to give her this bible that is more than fine with me. may all the glory be to god and his will. god bless you

from holly webb and brandon ray


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You know its been kind of funny/amazing! I came here expecting to hopefully change the hearts of the people.  What I didn´t know was what God had in store for me.  I didn´t expect my heart to get twisted tonight! I got really close to one of our nationals.  Tonight was our last night and I found that as I was sayiong goodbye to her and she was asking me to come back with my family that I had really connected with her.  Earlier in the night we were praying with the kids, Priscilla was praying and they were repeating, and I just felt myself so overwhelmed with love that I started crying.  I started crying because these kids were so hungry for Jesus and He was filling them up!!  Before the prayer we were playing and my heart just started smiling(if you have ever been so happy at one particular moment in your life you will understand this). The kids were just..WOW!! Continue to pray for this city, Autuntaqui, most of them are Catholic and don´t want to hear what we have to say, they think that its changing religions…Keep praying!

Dios Te Bendiga(God Bless You!),

Holly Webb

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God does answer prayers!

Glenda (the translator assigned to work with me), and one of the church members from the local church went out today to evangelize and every house we stopped at was either too busy or just did not want to listen. Glenda said that we should go up a street and then she said we need to knock on this door at a house. We did and a 12 year girl answered the door. We asked for her mother or father and she went to get her mother. Her mother came and we asked if we could talk to her a few minutes about Jesus Christ. She said very excited Si! We then used an evangecube to share the gospel with her and her 12 year daughter. At the end we asked if she and her daughter wanted to accept Jesus as their Lord. After they prayed, the mother said that she had been reading a Bible and had many questions and had been waiting for us to come. Our coming to her house was an answer to prayer.

Continue to pray for us as we will be using the evangecube with the police officers we have been working with. We have been talking about a need to have a relationship with God but have not gone as far as to ask if they want to accept Christ. Please pray that God will soften their hearts and they will accept Christ.

Dios te bendiga,
Jim Crosslin

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A day in the the mountains

Liz, Shannon, our two interpreters and a national believer got on a bus that began winding up the mountain on what became a one lane dirt/rock road which one hour later brought us to the farm community called Zuleta. our national grew up there and so knows everyone. It is her desire to see a church start there. We visited many of her friends finding them hospitable but not necessarily open to the gospel. One young mother accepted Christ and a store owner (Patricio)is very close. We will continue to visit them as well as others. Pray for open hearts and understanding of the gospel

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1st day in Ibarra

This morning after breakfast we took a bus to Ibarra.  Once we go to our hotel, we had a lunch.  After lunch we split up into our teams and went to the neighborhoods and pray walked the neighborhoods.  This was a great experince with the local church members.  Tonight Brother Mark will be preaching so please be praying for him.  Tomorrow someone else from the team will be preaching so be praying for who ever will be preaching tomorrow.

Our experience has been very good so far.  Please continue to send those “knee mails”.  More to come later!

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Almost Time to Go

Our team seems to have fought and won many battles as we have prepared for this trip. Or, I should say that God has fought and won many battles for us. We are all excited to see God at work this coming week and to see how He has been working upstream in Ibarra.

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